Tuesday, July 9, 2013

New items in Shop

Amigurumi Pal - each one unique-ish

I have started making Amigurumi Pals for My Little Crochet Shop. My idea is to donate proceeds from Pal sales to my local food pantry. After learning how many children rely on free school lunches for their ONE MEAL A DAY, I want to do something to help. A local church has started a multi-stream food drive and fundraising campaign to raise awareness of hunger in our communities and offer meals to needy families, especially those with children.

My nephew has started making Para-cord bracelets and key-fobs to earn money for his college fund. He just turned 16, so the college fund may be preempted by a 'car fund.' Either way, he is working generate income for himself while learning the ropes of time management and a good work ethic. During the warm months, he also mows grass for a few neighbors.

I've started taking my wares out to a local craft fair/farmers' market on Saturdays. My cousin makes wire-wrapped jewelry, and set me up with him at the market. I am making a lot of contacts.

That's the news. Thanks for checking in! =)