Sunday, January 23, 2011

School's in Full Swing!

Hey, everyone! I love geology! The topic this week is "Snowball Earth" (hypothesis). Was the Earth ever frozen over like Jupiter's moon Europa? OR was the Earth only mostly/partially glaciated "the Slushball hypothesis"? The assignment in one class is to use the stratigraphic record to determine what was happening at the Earth's surface nearly one billion years ago. Some members of my family are skeptical on most paleontology. I think that THEY think that the Earth has pretty much looked like it does now, and they may even doubt the age of the Earth (approx 4 1/2 Billion years). There is evidence to the age and constantly changing conditions that shape the immediate geography. That being said, luckily, my assignment is not to support or refute the hypothesis, only to determine from scholarly articles and limited field work if the stratigraphic record is reliable evidence to argue the case.

Else, in my world:
I am recovering from acute bronchitis. I know I am recovering, because my symptoms went from bad to not worse, but different LOL. Coughing is nagging but necessary. :( Winter sucks!

I let my little niece use my loop-lens to look at a rock found in her yard. She was amazed at the little specks you can see with the magnifier that you don't see when you just pick up the rock and look at it (naked eye). Of course, she then wants to use the loop to look at EVERYthing up close... she is going to be science-oriented like me! I love it!

I finished my pink mittens I started crocheting two years ago LOL. They don't match exactly, because I didn't have the pattern to work the second one, and I had to guess the hook size, et al, from the first one. Close enough. Now I can start on a new scarf... while I take a break from the Snowball Earth hypothesis!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Still not sleeping...

Good grief! As if insomnia is not bad enough, I had a couple of disturbing dreams last night this morning!

The more disturbing one was... I am lying on the bottom bunk of my childhood bunk bed. A plain-clothed home nurse is prepping a hypodermic needle. A friend is nearby. The nurse uses an alcohol soaked swab to prep a small area on the back of my right knee, and then uses a scalpel to gently scrape off a melanoma. The flesh-colored raised mole unfurled and swelled before becoming totally loosed and required 3 scrapes with the scalpel to remove. The nurse was intrigued by the mole and said it looked, "Cool, like Kool-Aid!".. is she talking to a child? My mind immediately linked Kool-Aid to the Jim Jones' cult mass suicide. Considering the gravity of the melanoma and the use of Kool-Aid to carry Jones' cyanide, I did not find her comment reassuring at all, and I reminded her of the Jones' incident, challenging that her new specimen is not "cool like Kool-Aid." She conceded and cleaned a split on my middle finger on my right hand. I had what I call a 'cold-split' on the top corner of my finger, at the corner of my fingernail, that only occurs in very cold weather. The nurse uses a hypodermic to numb the finger and then used a quick-stitch gizmo to shoot a couple stitches to pull the split together. It seems this is a pro bono comfort-favor to me, the patient, that we arranged prior to the mole removal. (NOTE: I do NOT have raised moles of any kind, anywhere!)

The other dream I remember was shorter... people were not wearing pants. Everyone had their butts covered, bathing suits, underpants, shorts, etc... but it was odd for no one to have pants. I even was discussing with a couple neighbors (also no pants) about the oddity, and they were equally confused...
**(OOOOHHH! I just figured that one out! I only have one pair of jeans with no rips... in the mind of a woman, "I have no pants!"... Okay... well, I'll leave this one in, just in case it helps someone else figure out their no pants/shirt/car dream!)

Okay! Time for breakfast! I'm awake now. HAVE A GREAT DAY!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Did I ever tell you about myself?

Mid-40's, no-nonsense, born again Christian woman seeking career in planetary geology. I enjoy hiking, climbing and nature trails which led me into the hobbies of rockhounding and letterboxing (similar to geocaching but without loose items). I also enjoy gardening and cooking.
Things I do NOT like: country music, tattoos, horror flicks, drinkers, smokers, drug users, reckless drivers, criminal records, men with no goals who are wallowing around waiting for an epiphany.I do like romantic comedies, comedy, action, drama (Nicholas Cage, Morton Downey Jr, Morgan Freeman, Richard Gere, Hugh Grant are my fave actors. Actresses: Sandra Bullock, Julia Roberts, and Angelina Jolie. 'Big Bang Theory' is my favorite TV show. I am most like 'Dr. Sheldon Cooper', less a few dozen IQ points. Within the past 6 months, I have watched most episodes of 'The Practice' and the entire series 'Firefly' (no doubt, I would know a lot more about Geology if I hadn't stopped for the TV!).

Typically my weekends are spent managing my Avon and PartyLite businesses, rewriting class notes, letterboxing (see to learn about this hobby), spending time with family and friends, or walking in the park with the dog. I often visit my local Starbucks for a relaxing cup o' Joe and a book. Board games, canasta, Wii (LOL), "dance party" haha with nieces... nights I am trying to beat my sis at Bejeweled Blitz or crocheting/knitting, though I am no stranger to reading non-fiction or reviewing French language. In fact, I am reading Mars updates at present, when not studying geology.
I am getting my ducks in a row to move to the Flagstaff, Arizona, area within the next 18-24 months to pursue a Master of Science degree in Geology. I am currently enrolled in remedial courses in North Carolina to patch the difference in programs.
Thank you for stopping by.