Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Did you look for comets last night?

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I could simply copy and paste my whole blog entry from "my other blog" : 4000 Days (4000dayz.blogspot.com), but I do not want to rob you of the opportunity of discovering other posts you might enjoy!

Here is my post from yesterday (11 November 2013) about comet hunting and backyard astronomy: There are four comets visible with binoculars in the early morning just before dawn for the next several days: Comet Lovejoy (C2013/R1), comet LINEAR X1, comet ISON, comet 2p/Encke.

I am sad to report to you that I did not wake before daybreak this morning, and I did not check my directions... but, "they look good on paper..." =)

Friday, September 6, 2013

Summer Recap

Where to start? This summer has gone by so quickly! Time really does fly when you are having fun! Here are some of the cheap hobbies I took advantage of this summer. I am ready for cooler days and less humid nights! 

My Charity Pals are gaining some friends in My Little Crochet Shop! I have the yarn and stuffing to make A LOT more, I just need to get busy!

I took my crochet crafts to the Saturdays at Saxapahaw outdoor festival several of the Saturdays. If afternoon thunderstorms popped up, I opted to stay home.. even if the storm may not reach the festival, I wasn't taking any chances!
My spread at the local craft fair

Chalk art

Chalk art was a staple activity when babysitting. "Chalk is cheap," and creativity is limitless! We even tried to chalk our hair! (pastel chalks work better... they are brighter!)

Swatting tennis balls at the park
is fun exercise!

Tennis anyone? While I have never played the sport, and have no clue how to keep score, it is exciting to connect with the ball and watch my opponent go scrambling after it! Not to worry, I chased my fair share of runaway balls!

Free exhibit at the local Arts Council!
The Art of the Brick is a free exhibit of Lego sculptures by Nathan Sawaya. Graham Arts Council included an activity tent where youngsters can play and discover new ways to assemble cool inventions.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

New items in Shop

Amigurumi Pal - each one unique-ish

I have started making Amigurumi Pals for My Little Crochet Shop. My idea is to donate proceeds from Pal sales to my local food pantry. After learning how many children rely on free school lunches for their ONE MEAL A DAY, I want to do something to help. A local church has started a multi-stream food drive and fundraising campaign to raise awareness of hunger in our communities and offer meals to needy families, especially those with children.

My nephew has started making Para-cord bracelets and key-fobs to earn money for his college fund. He just turned 16, so the college fund may be preempted by a 'car fund.' Either way, he is working generate income for himself while learning the ropes of time management and a good work ethic. During the warm months, he also mows grass for a few neighbors.

I've started taking my wares out to a local craft fair/farmers' market on Saturdays. My cousin makes wire-wrapped jewelry, and set me up with him at the market. I am making a lot of contacts.

That's the news. Thanks for checking in! =)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

It's that time of year again! The Great Backyard Bird Count is going on all weekend - and this year it has gone global! The online submissions allow birdwatchers to enter their data no matter where they observe these feathered wonders! Unfortunately, there was a mess of snow and rain in my backyard today, and not too many birds ventured out into the miserable weather. Hopefully, the sun will come out tomorrow... (were you just singing? LOL)... and the birds will flock to the feeder! I even added a birdbath basin under the tree (the squirrel kept knocking off the pedestal, so I put it on the ground). It hasn't attracted any new species to the hub, but my regular visitors seem to like it.

In other news of my cheap hobbies, I have been successful with My Little Crochet Shop on Etsy.com. I have crocheted lip balm cozies, dishcloths, scarves, shawls, coaster sets ("mug rugs").. and now I am working on an amigurumi design for an alien doll. I gave upcycled tshirts to my nephews for Christmas in the form of "ugly dolls" - free form monster dolls with button eyes and crude embroidery mouths and stuffed with poly-fill. They LOVED them! .. I should make more! I can make monsters faster than I can crochet! LOL

All right, you guys (and gals!)... It's 1am and I promised myself I would not stay up until 3am (again!). So, I am off to dream of springtime when I can get back to panning for precious yellow flakes buried in the sand. Until next time.....

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year - 2013

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Well, well, well... and I sincerely hope you ARE well! Thanks for reading! - Today is January 1, 2013... the first day of the new year... time to revisit and revise the bucket lists.. the short term and the long term lists.
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One thing that keeps popping up on my list: SAVE MONEY... as in "PUT MONEY IN SAVINGS" ! That should get crossed off at least once, one would think? Somehow, I maintain a level of pent-up demand such that when I do acquire (earn or receive) a bit of cash, I can immediately find a use for it! Nothing goes to savings, or at least, not for long. So, today, I began reading personal finance articles online to realign my thought patterns with a savings attitude. I learned a few things...

(1.) It is totally possible that I sabotage my savings attempts! There are multiple vices at work, including but not limited to procrastination, weak goal-setting, and lack of accountability.

(2.) I am hoping for a miracle... lotto, Publishers' Clearing House Sweepstakes, super job opportunity, gold strike, etc... when what I really need to focus on is securing a steady income.

(3.) I don't have a budget. Well, honestly, I shunt responsibility on this one, claiming that without a steady income, budgeting is impossible... yet, I still have bills to pay like car insurance and cell phone!

photo courtesy of www.freedigitalphotos.net
What to do? I have a nice little crochet business going on Etsy.com. I even call it My Little Crochet Shop.  I have one, maybe two, textbooks I can sell on Amazon... might rustle up a few items for eBay, but those are only short term shots. With a steady check, those extra shots could go to savings... did you notice I said "could" ... phooey. Am I still not on board?

So, my most promising hobby right now, until the US government again makes it unlawful to do so, is gold panning. It produces only a little every day I pan (no where near an ounce per week), but with patience, practice and persistence, those little bits will add up. Location is not the limiting factor, oddly enough... but self-discipline.

I just had that AH-HAH! moment... when I've finally put my finger on the problem... I need an accountability partner!