Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happy Birthday, Jaran Stratton!

Repost: November 16, 2011...
Never give up on someone who not a day goes by that you don't think about them...

(Letter to long lost person of interest on his birthday, November 16, 2010)

Wherever you are, I hope life is treating you well! Even in the brief months our paths coincided, you made a tremendous impact on my life, more specifically: my spiritual life. The Christ Light shines brightly from within you. I admire your ability to remain composed under fire and your unyielding respect of others when they showed no respect to you. You inspired me to reach for the stars and to follow my passion.

 When we worked together, I was over-stressed, hungry and exhausted , and I could rattle off the most absurd ideas without conscious cognitive filtering. For that reason, and maybe others, you must believe I am a complete wacko. Perhaps, I was at the time. Now, I have been reborn, and I am amazed and embarrassed by some of the things I remember about those months.

 When we last spoke, I was preparing to enroll in astrophysics at a local university. Well, rocket science was a little beyond my aptitude, and I found I am well suited for rock science. I earned a BA in Geography/Earth and Environmental Sciences and am pursuing the dream to be an astrogeologist with NASA or USGS Mars research (in the future, at the moment I am taking remedial courses at State :) to meet graduate school admission requirements for a Master's in Geology)..I haven't honed in on a grad school yet...

I hope you periodically search your own name in Google or other places, and you will stumble upon this message. If you do, I hope you will take a few moments and send me a message on my Facebook page or some other venue. I miss you, especially those big blue eyes! I hope you are well, warm and fed.
God bless you always, Jaran!


  1. Yes, this message was keyed late at night, and the publish date is 11/17. The sentiment is for 11/16. :)

  2. dropped the Avon in favor of schoolwork. :)

  3. re-post 2011. In case Jaran Stratton happens upon the note.... it's been updated. :) Heidi