Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Chore lists not just for kids!

So, my sister has been bragging how her 5-year old can't wait to log in to her personal online chore chart and check off her to-do list!! She earns mommy-set points for each task, and banks those points to earn mommy-set rewards.. like a trip to the museum, ice skating, McDonald's playground, new book/puzzle, etc. etc.... the cool thing? The child GETS IT! She sees a chore that she needs to do, hurries to go do it, and announces that she needs to log in her points! WOW... I wonder if that will work for a 13-year old? So far, logging in is just "one more thing I have to do"... maybe the teenager should earn points just for logging points daily?

Now, I am far past my teens, but I have a difficult time staying disciplined throughout the week. Monday starts off well, but by Wednesday... I have fell off my exercise and sensible eating wagon. So, WHAT IF... I use the chore chart at for MY to-do lists? I need motivation for daily exercise, completing homework assignments daily, and other grown-up things... is filing my taxes 30-days before the due date worth 5000 pts? 500 pts?... hmmm... I'll think about that. How about detailing the car? Making dinner for housemates once a week? crocheting items to sell on

The trouble with being a grown up is it is akin to having the fox guarding the henhouse. If I rack up say 3500 points, I can treat myself to a fancy frappuccino. HOWEVER... who's to stop me from nabbing that frap whenever I feel like it? Me? Like I will tell ME 'No.'? Who are you kidding? So, I have to think of rewards for me that are within my budget, but that I will not circumvent the point-system and get it anyway. Hmmmm.....????

I would like to hear if you have used or a similar site and what you think of the idea? Has it worked for you/your family? What special /unique rewards did you come up with? Please leave your comments below! I like to hear from my readers!

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