Friday, February 25, 2011

Buy American!

Buy American! Stop giving your American-made money to corporate tycoons who throw pennies at poor nations in the name of international commerce! Help your neighbors in the USA!

I stopped in a discount store this evening to wait out Friday rush hour traffic at sundown. The low sun angle just makes a nerve-wrecking drive even worse, so I stopped off until after dark. I decided that IF I chose to buy anything, it would have to be made in the USA. There isn't much to choose from. I DID however, find a new (much-needed) plastic litter box for the cat, Sterlite (R) plastic 3-drawer container to house my rock collection, and sport bottles that fit in the drink-holder, AND some BPA-free squirt bottles that looked like dishwashing liquid bottles (why do dishwashing liq bottles need to be BPA-free?) ... anyhow. I was excited to get a few things that I actually need and to BUY AMERICAN MADE PRODUCTS!

I am in the market for some new jeans... I searched online to find that most major brands have outsourced their production... even Lee, Wrangler, and Levi's! : o This did not make me happy! But, I DID find American-made jeans at and I do believe they will soon be shipping me some jeans! Woo Hoo!

I crochet and knit... did I tell you, that I buy yarns that are MADE IN USA? I use Peaches & Creme cotton yarns (Old Fort, NC) and Lion Brand Homespun acrylic yarns (

Take a look at the non-food items you purchase... just look at the "Made in _______" I wanted new special towels to take to the gym (made in India/China/Pakistan/Turkey)... new panties? Honduras... new pencils? China (although I am certain if I go to the office supply store I will find American-made pencils there). It's unbelievable! Other than cars and plastic homegoods, what does America produce? My friend replaced her dinnerware recently, determined to buy American, and found Fiestaware is made in USA! On the manufacturer's website, FAQ page, this is the actual question and answer:

Is Fiesta® Dinnerware made in the USA?     The Homer Laughlin China Co is proud to say that our Fiesta® Dinnerware is still made here in the USA at our plant in Newell, West Virginia where it was originally designed and produced nearly 75 years ago.
(copied without permission 2/25/2011 from website: my apologies for not asking first)

Food is a whole other issue... I want to buy local (regional) seasonal produce, but I have no sense of what should be in season at my local farms? the farmers' market imports, too! grrrrr.... I just know that strawberries, tomatoes, melons, and cucumbers are NOT in season here during February!! Borden advertises that its farms are 100% family-owned right here in the USA and 100% of their proceeds goes back to the diary farmers ( So, I bought Borden processed cheese slices instead of my usual brand.

Have you thought about how you can help America get back to its roots and stop sending our jobs overseas? Or are you just looking for the lowest price? Americans have a higher standard of living, and need larger salaries than impoverished opressed people who are just happy to get something even if it's not enough. Support American families. Buy American every chance you get!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Chore lists not just for kids!

So, my sister has been bragging how her 5-year old can't wait to log in to her personal online chore chart and check off her to-do list!! She earns mommy-set points for each task, and banks those points to earn mommy-set rewards.. like a trip to the museum, ice skating, McDonald's playground, new book/puzzle, etc. etc.... the cool thing? The child GETS IT! She sees a chore that she needs to do, hurries to go do it, and announces that she needs to log in her points! WOW... I wonder if that will work for a 13-year old? So far, logging in is just "one more thing I have to do"... maybe the teenager should earn points just for logging points daily?

Now, I am far past my teens, but I have a difficult time staying disciplined throughout the week. Monday starts off well, but by Wednesday... I have fell off my exercise and sensible eating wagon. So, WHAT IF... I use the chore chart at for MY to-do lists? I need motivation for daily exercise, completing homework assignments daily, and other grown-up things... is filing my taxes 30-days before the due date worth 5000 pts? 500 pts?... hmmm... I'll think about that. How about detailing the car? Making dinner for housemates once a week? crocheting items to sell on

The trouble with being a grown up is it is akin to having the fox guarding the henhouse. If I rack up say 3500 points, I can treat myself to a fancy frappuccino. HOWEVER... who's to stop me from nabbing that frap whenever I feel like it? Me? Like I will tell ME 'No.'? Who are you kidding? So, I have to think of rewards for me that are within my budget, but that I will not circumvent the point-system and get it anyway. Hmmmm.....????

I would like to hear if you have used or a similar site and what you think of the idea? Has it worked for you/your family? What special /unique rewards did you come up with? Please leave your comments below! I like to hear from my readers!