Monday, October 6, 2014

Fall is in the air.. AGAIN!! Wow how time does fly!

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October 6, 2014

Summer ended rather suddenly here in the South. Athens, Georgia, a bit southwest of here, set a record low temperature two nights ago. I had to win a coin toss with my dad last night to block him from turning the heat on (I told him to add a blanket to his bed). I think this "Global Warming" trend is going to freeze us all! LOL

On the upside, fall is back-to-school time and shoppers start thinking about the holidays ahead. Halloween is only a few weeks away, and the stores are loaded with costumes, candies and every facial expression imaginable on artificial pumpkins! So, what's a crafter to do? Make my own Halloween accessories, of course! There are many free patterns available for everything with skulls on them - slippers, gloves, mittens, hats, scarves, shawls (some really pretty ones!), table runners, doilies, and even cup cozies! Skulls not your thing? Mine either, but pumpkins are nice.. hats, scarves.. well, you get the gist!

Baby Pumpkin Hat
in My Little Crochet Shop
Baby Pumpkin Hat
in My Little Crochet Shop
Here is my first Baby Pumpkin Hat - I reworked a pattern I found so the ribs were more straight than the original design (the pumpkins in my garden don't swirl, so I wanted to downplay that feature).  < Baby Pumpkin Hat >

The tendril is simply a chain of 18, with 3 single crochets in each chain to create the swirl. I slipped the last 3 chains so it is straight near the stem. The leaf and stem are tied on (I sewed the leaf in 3 places so it won't flop around).
The leaf pattern I found here: Hawthorn + Rosehip: Red Currant Afghan Square Pattern

Baby Santa Hat
in My Little Crochet Shop 
With Christmas right around the corner,  I want to get a head start this season... I have already started on Baby Santa Hats! These were a hit in My Little Crochet Shop last year, and I was selling them as fast as I could make them!   "head start" : hats.. LOL ...sorry, I couldn't resist!

With a little yarn and a free pattern, you can create something special for those on your holiday gift-shopping list without emptying your piggy bank! Here are some sites I use to find free patterns, inspiration, and how-to-crochet:

 I would love to see what you are creating! Feel free to share below (please keep it clean... my young nieces like to read my page! Thanks!)

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