Thursday, December 16, 2010

Found my crochet hooks...

Stressed over finances (lack of) and upcoming gift exchanges, I was reminded that I DO know how to make stuff. Found some quick crochet patterns... hats, lip balm cozies (sweet ones... I also found some designs that are, shall we say "not kid-friendly"!), scarves... and I reached into my yarn stash and found my crochet hooks... yes, I'm a "hooker" LOL... and made one lipbalm cozy and two hats and started on a matching scarf for one of the hats all in one afternoon... (ok. it's now 3am so it was longer than an afternoon, but I stopped for dinner and was partially distracted by a season of "The Practice").

So maybe Christmas will be ok after all.

(Still need a job... or at least a steady stream of income.... wonder how many hats I can make with two balls of yarn?)


  1. I know. Those are knitting needles in the pic. Forgive me. I was crocheting, honest!

  2. What gorgeous yarn!

    I like your avatar. I've gone camping, but never next to a cactus.

  3. thanks, those are Lionbrand Homespun skeins. I don't like acrylics, but these are chunky and soft. great for scarves, hats and shawls!... I went on a geology field trip this fall to Arizona. We camped! Great fun. Coyotes, scorpions, tarantula, desert mice... can't wait for next year!!!