Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Homeschool Nation - College Search for Homeschoolers (Search, Plan, Achieve)

PLEASE VOTE FOR MY FRIEND! "Kristian in NC" She has advanced to the final four and needs all the votes she can get! The competition is tougher every round!

Kristian is a beautiful young lady inside and out! She is the wonderful girlfriend of my nephew, Paul, and I want to help her to succeed in her academic and professional career. Please vote from your home, office, laptop, ipad, iphone, library, school.... wherever you can get online! Remember "KRISTIAN in NC"... She has a prepared essay on the Homeschool Nation community 2010 scholarship page if you would like to know more!

The Homeschool Nation - College Search for Homeschoolers (Search, Plan, Achieve)
Congratulations to all of our finalists!We had many worthy candidates, congratulations to all that joined our new online community! Our finalists were selected for this year's Homeschool Scholar of the Year Award because of the achievements, focus, and motivation they conveyed through their online student profile. We will post and award many more scholarships throughout 2011, so stay plugged into for more details.

SEMI-FINALS voting ends THIS Saturday, December 11th!!

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  1. Thank you to all who have been voting for my friend Kristian! She is now in the finals!! Contest between Kristian and a girl in Georgia!! Please vote for Kristian in NC!!