Friday, April 8, 2011

American Idol Facebook fanbase

While searching for the actual vote tally, I checked out the FOX network's website for American Idol. From the Contestants page, I clicked through to each one's Facebook page. Here are the fanbase results as of 4:00am EDT (USA) for the remaining 8 contestants:

8. Haley Reinhart                 9,133
7. Jacob Lusk                       9,900
6. Stefano Langone             12,063
5. Lauren Alaina                 14,409*
4. Paul McDonald               17,034
3. Casey Abrams                 22,708
2. James Durbin                  25,131
1. Scotty McCreery          54,230
(* Lauren Alaina has multiple pages dedicated to her. Only the fan count on the contestants' pages linked to the official FOX site are used for comparison.)

There could be a trend here?

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  1. As of 1:50am EDT(USA) Saturday, April 9, 2011:
    Haley Reinhart has 9,540; Jacob Lusk 10,109; Stefano Langone 12,620; Lauren Alaina 14,999; Paul McDonald 17,617; Casey Abrams 23,605; James Durbin 25,947; and still in the lead: Scotty McCreery of Garner, NC: 55,668!!