Friday, April 8, 2011

American Idol: show some respect!

I can't believe I have been sucked into the pop culture craze of Fox Television's "American Idol!" It's true, my home state has a Top 8 contender, but I usually don't take much notice of reality TV or game shows. My friends, however, are avid fans!

In this week's elimination, Pia Toscano was sent home. She didn't win this week's popularity contest... for whatever the reason(s). That is sad for Pia, because she is a gorgeous, talented young woman, and I believe she could have gone farther in the competition. In the end, though, someone had to get the least votes. Someone HAD to be at the bottom. Ryan Seacrest never fails each week to tell us which three contestants received the lowest number of votes (without actually telling us the number of votes received, which I find irritating, because I am a "numbers person").

Okay, so Pia got the short stick this week, and Stefano Langone is "safe." The crowd boo-ed loudly when the results were given. I agree, Pia sings well! What message does that convey to Stefano? He and Pia are standing waiting on the verdict, and he is "safe," and the crowd boos? Wow! I am glad I am not Stefano!

Forget Pia for a moment (sorry, sweetie)! There was a 50/50 shot here and the crowd vehemently cried out against the result. Do you think Stefano's release would have prompted a similar response? I wonder. I wonder what was going through his mind as he listened to the boos as he walked to greet his friends at the "safe couch?" Wow!

People, listen up! If it matters to you, then vote for your favorite. You don't have a favorite? Vote for the one(s) you think performed the best, and vote more than once! My friend and I stayed on the phone the whole two hours voting over and over for our favorites. Someone will come in last. With millions of votes nationwide, there is a greater chance a meteor will fall through your roof than there be a tie for the bottom of the heap on American Idol next week (8 contestants remaining).

Vote, and be considerate of the "runner up." Showing disappointment for Pia's leaving was expected, but you hurt Stefano in the process. Be considerate. Think about the other people involved and show some respect!

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