Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Visitors to the Birdfeeder!

What do you know?! Those birdbrains might really have been fooled by the ugly faded water hose! Since I moved it away from the feeder area, I have had several birds visit the hanging feeder. Yesterday, only a cardinal came to lunch. Early this morning I spotted a Northern Flicker under the tree! He started to climb up while I was watching, but something spooked him. A few Carolina Chickadees played musical chairs with a Tufted Titmouse for a seat at the feeder! A Downy Woodpecker dropped in for a bit of hammering before 10am. Yay! Happiness! FOUR (yes, 4) "new" birds at the feeder! I am hopeful for the Great Backyard Bird Count. Birds are getting the word out that I've got a little bistro going.

I saw two different Mourning Doves this morning sitting on the power lines and a Mockingbird was watching the activity at the feeder. Later on in the morning, a big cat wandered through the yard! I yelled at it from my kitchen window, and it ran away.

I can identify White-Throated Sparrows with certainty now. They hang out near the tray at the rosebush with a matched pair of Northern Cardinals. I haven't seen any other birds by the pine tree yet. I plan to hang pine-cone feeders there (you know, the ones coated in peanut butter and rolled in birdseed). These little critters are up early, scarce in early afternoon and then come back around 5pm just before sundown. Interesting...


  1. For the pine cone feeder - make sure there is somewhere "stable" for the critters to sit while they munch. We didn't have much luck with ours, but i think it was because they were "dangling"

  2. I think size matters, too. I have medium cones, so I was thinking to string them together instead of hanging singly. Thanks for the comment!