Saturday, January 8, 2011

Still not sleeping...

Good grief! As if insomnia is not bad enough, I had a couple of disturbing dreams last night this morning!

The more disturbing one was... I am lying on the bottom bunk of my childhood bunk bed. A plain-clothed home nurse is prepping a hypodermic needle. A friend is nearby. The nurse uses an alcohol soaked swab to prep a small area on the back of my right knee, and then uses a scalpel to gently scrape off a melanoma. The flesh-colored raised mole unfurled and swelled before becoming totally loosed and required 3 scrapes with the scalpel to remove. The nurse was intrigued by the mole and said it looked, "Cool, like Kool-Aid!".. is she talking to a child? My mind immediately linked Kool-Aid to the Jim Jones' cult mass suicide. Considering the gravity of the melanoma and the use of Kool-Aid to carry Jones' cyanide, I did not find her comment reassuring at all, and I reminded her of the Jones' incident, challenging that her new specimen is not "cool like Kool-Aid." She conceded and cleaned a split on my middle finger on my right hand. I had what I call a 'cold-split' on the top corner of my finger, at the corner of my fingernail, that only occurs in very cold weather. The nurse uses a hypodermic to numb the finger and then used a quick-stitch gizmo to shoot a couple stitches to pull the split together. It seems this is a pro bono comfort-favor to me, the patient, that we arranged prior to the mole removal. (NOTE: I do NOT have raised moles of any kind, anywhere!)

The other dream I remember was shorter... people were not wearing pants. Everyone had their butts covered, bathing suits, underpants, shorts, etc... but it was odd for no one to have pants. I even was discussing with a couple neighbors (also no pants) about the oddity, and they were equally confused...
**(OOOOHHH! I just figured that one out! I only have one pair of jeans with no rips... in the mind of a woman, "I have no pants!"... Okay... well, I'll leave this one in, just in case it helps someone else figure out their no pants/shirt/car dream!)

Okay! Time for breakfast! I'm awake now. HAVE A GREAT DAY!!

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