Sunday, January 23, 2011

School's in Full Swing!

Hey, everyone! I love geology! The topic this week is "Snowball Earth" (hypothesis). Was the Earth ever frozen over like Jupiter's moon Europa? OR was the Earth only mostly/partially glaciated "the Slushball hypothesis"? The assignment in one class is to use the stratigraphic record to determine what was happening at the Earth's surface nearly one billion years ago. Some members of my family are skeptical on most paleontology. I think that THEY think that the Earth has pretty much looked like it does now, and they may even doubt the age of the Earth (approx 4 1/2 Billion years). There is evidence to the age and constantly changing conditions that shape the immediate geography. That being said, luckily, my assignment is not to support or refute the hypothesis, only to determine from scholarly articles and limited field work if the stratigraphic record is reliable evidence to argue the case.

Else, in my world:
I am recovering from acute bronchitis. I know I am recovering, because my symptoms went from bad to not worse, but different LOL. Coughing is nagging but necessary. :( Winter sucks!

I let my little niece use my loop-lens to look at a rock found in her yard. She was amazed at the little specks you can see with the magnifier that you don't see when you just pick up the rock and look at it (naked eye). Of course, she then wants to use the loop to look at EVERYthing up close... she is going to be science-oriented like me! I love it!

I finished my pink mittens I started crocheting two years ago LOL. They don't match exactly, because I didn't have the pattern to work the second one, and I had to guess the hook size, et al, from the first one. Close enough. Now I can start on a new scarf... while I take a break from the Snowball Earth hypothesis!

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